PVC Processing

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CS-42F Flake

Very Cost Effective/Low Viscosity Wax in Flake Form

  CS-42F has a maximum melt viscosity of 100cps. Typical viscosity is more like 20-30cps which is very low.  It has high crystallinity for a PE Wax . Applications include : Masterbatch as a pigment dispersant / Hot Melt Adhesives - Viscosity adjustment and aid to wetting out / Can be used to Extend-Dilute FT wax / Rubber processing as a release agent and providing viscosity adjustment.


Viscosity @140ºC - spindle #31Max 100 cpsCOS-T-040
Softening Point110±3ºCCOS-T-050
Hardness @25ºC (77F)Max 2.0 d-mmCOS-T-020
Molecular Weight525MN-
AppearanceWhite Flake-Visual

Packaging & Storage

CS-42F is packaged in 20kgs PP Woven Bags and is supplied on shrink-wrapped pallets of 1200kgs each.

Product Safety

CS-42F is regarded as non-hazardous when exposure is controlled by using accepted industrial hygiene practices. Please contact us for further information and a copy of the Material Safety Data.


FDA : Many of our Wax grades have FDA certification. Please contact us for detailed information on the Grade you are interested in.

EU10/2011 : Many of our Wax Grades have Starting Substances/Monomers that are on the EU Positive List EU10/2011 and are duly authorised substances.  Please contact us for compliance information.

REACH:  Polymers donot have to be REACH registered but the Monomers that the Polymer is created from do have to be registered.  The Monomers Ethylene and Propylene are indeed pre-registered under REACH.  Please contact us for further information.