LP1024P Super Refined Powder Grade

LP1024P is a ”Super Refined”  PE wax derived from an HDPE process in the form of white powder. Consequently it is an extremely clean, Low Viscosity (10-40 cps) pretty hard (Penetration Index <1) Wax that has found admirers in the Hot Melt Adhesive Industry. 


Key Benefits recognised in the Hot Melt Adhesive Application include:-

  • Very Low Volatiles due to the Double Refining Process
  • Low Viscosity which promotes wettability
  • Adjust Open and Set time
  • Enhanced heat resistance – Best in Class Thermal Resistant grade with higher dropping point and hardness than other PE Waxes


  • Partial replacement of FT wax (e.g. m-PO base HMA for Packaging applications) for overall cost reduction.

This grade is also used in the Paints/ Coatings/Inks Industry in its Micronised form (Please ask for details)