LP1022P Fully Refined Powder (Wide Viscosity)

LP1022P is a Wide Viscosity (<=60cps) Fully Refined HDPE derived wax offered in the form of white powder. As the Viscosity is not so controlled it is more economical than other Fully Refined Grades.

Applications and Benefits include:-

  • Hot Melt Adhesive – Customers opt for this grade if their process will allow a Wax with a Wider –  less controlled Viscosity Band.

Other Applications Include:-

  • PVC Compounding/Colour and Black Masterbatch/Thermoplastic Road Marking/Petroleum Wax Blending/Cable Filling Compound

Features of the Grade are: Low Viscosity/Excellent Heat Resistance and Thermally Stability/High Hardness level/Excellent Chemical resistance/Highly compatible with other waxes/ Excellent Lubrication properties