Hydrocarbon Resin C5 and C5/C9 (Quintone)

Zeon Corporation has Quintone manufacturing plants in both Japan and Thailand and is the worlds 2nd biggest producer of such Tackifying Resins with 80KT of capacity/year. Zeon produce both Pure C5 (Aliphatic) and C5/C9 resins (Aliphatic resins modified by Aromatic content).

Quintone C5A100, K100, M100, R100Adhesives (Hot-melt etc.); Road Marking
Quintone Acid Modified C5C200H, C210, CX495Road Marking
Quintone C5/C9 (pure)D100, N180, S100, S195, U185, U190Adhesives (Hot-melt etc.)
Quintone Acid Modified C5/C9 (pure)D200, E200SNAdhesives (Hot-melt etc.)
Quintone C5/C9 (crude)G100B, G115Adhesives (Hot-melt etc.); Rubber Modification
Quintone Light Coloured C5/C9
DX395, DX396, DX390N
Quintone Light Coloured C5RX110