Quinoline Yellow (E104)

SpL is the Sole European Distributor for very High Quality Quinoline Yellow manufactured in Japan. Quinoline Yellow is a yellow dyestuff also known as E104 or Acid Yellow 3.

Product                               QUINOLINE YELLOW WS-G CONC
Chemical Composition     1H-Indene-1,3(2H)-dione, 2-(2-quinolinyl)-, sulfonated, sodium salts
C.I. No.                                47005
C.I. Name                            Acid Yellow 3
CAS                                     95193-83-2 / 8004-92-0
EINECS                               305-897-5
EU Description                  E104 / FOOD YELLOW 13

Quality controlled to the stringent quality standard required by Cosmetics makers in Japan. It is used for:

• Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Products
• Anodising Dyes
• Soaps – Melt and Pour

Quinoline Yellow
Anodising Dyes;
Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Products;
Soaps - Melt and Pour