SIS Rubber (Quintac)

Zeon Corporation currently have 42,000 mt/year production capacity of its Quintac (Styrene isoprene block polymers) SIS rubber in Japan. This is set to increase to 60,000mt/year by May 2016.  These SIS rubbers consist primarily of high-purity isoprene monomers extracted from the C5 fraction using the green process of isoprene which is Zeon’s unique proprietary technology.  We are able offer some SIS grades in Micronised (Powder) form – Please ask for details. 


Quintac 3270, 3280, 3390, 3421, 3433N, 3450, 3460, 3520, 3620, 3620 Powder, SL-165Adhesives (Hot-melt etc.); Flexographic Printing Plates