LP1040P Fully Refined Powder – Medium Viscosity

LP1040P is our Medium Viscosity (20-40cps) ”Standard” Fully Refined HDPE derived wax offered in the form of white powder.


Applications and Benefits include:-

  • Hot Melt Adhesive – Customers opt for this grade for a Medium Viscosity requirement. Other options in our range include LP1020P/LP1040T (Pastilles) /LP1024P (Super clean and Harder)/LP1022P (economical but wider Viscosity range).  This grade will help Reduce Viscosity to promote wettability/Adjust Open and Set time/Enhance heat resistance.

This range of Fully Refined Waxes can also find applications in :-

  • PVC Compounding/Masterbatch/Thermoplastic Road Marking/Masterbatch/Cable Filling/Rubber Compounding



Features of the Grade are: High MP and Softening Point/Low Viscosity/Excellent Heat Resistance and Thermally Stability/High Hardness level/Excellent Chemical resistance/Highly compatible with other waxes/ Excellent Lubrication properties