LP1400T – Fully Refined Pastilles – High Viscosity

LP1400T is a High Viscosity (300-400cps) Fully Refined HDPE derived wax offered in the form of white pastilles (Odorless).  

Applications and Benefits include:-

  • PVC Compounding/Filler & Colour Masterbatch/Cable Filling Compound/Thermoplastic Road Marking

Other Applications Include:-

  • Hot Melt Adhesive 


Main Benefits to note:  Capable of undergoing High Shear/Odorless/No Dust (pastille form)/ FDA approval

Features of the Grade are: High Viscosity – so capable of undergoing ”high shear”/Odorless/ Excellent Heat Resistance and Thermally Stability/High Hardness level/Excellent Chemical resistance/Highly compatible with other waxes/ Excellent Lubrication properties and Fully compliant with Many Regulations including FDA/REACH/RoHS etc. etc.