WD2020P Powder

WD2020P is the Lowest Viscosity (200 cps) grade of our Virgin thermally cracked LDPE waxes

Properties and Applications include:

  • Colour and Black Masterbatch – Dispersion Aid – Can be added to Masterbatch’s to aid pigment dispersion and improve compatibility of Pigments and Fillers.  Excellent pigment wettability.


  • Wax Blending – Compatibilizer and Viscosity Modifier  – Blend with Natural Wax to improve surface hardness and softening Point e.g. Crayons/Candles


  • PVC Compound – Lubrication and Mould Release – Used as a rubber processing aid/external Lubricant for PVC processing/release agent. Excellent Lubrication


  • Hot Melt Adhesive – Aids Dispersion and compatibility


  • Rubber Compounding