WD2110P Powder

WD2110P – Highest Viscosity (1100 cps) and Mol Weight (2975 Mn) of any of our Virgin thermally cracked LDPE wax grades

Properties and Applications include:

  • Colour and Black Masterbatch – Dispersion Aid – Can be added to Masterbatch’s to aid pigment dispersion and improve compatibility of Pigments and Fillers. The high Viscosity and Mol Wt will help aid dispersion on highly loaded products. Excellent pigment wettability.


  • Wax Blending – Compatibilizer and Viscosity Modifier – E.G. Blend with Natural Wax to improve surface hardness and softening Point e.g. Crayons/Candles


  • PVC Compound – Lubrication and Mould Release – Used as a rubber processing aid/external Lubricant for PVC processing/release agent. Excellent Lubrication


  • Hot Melt Adhesive – Aids Dispersion and compatibility


  • Rubber Compounding