Anodising Dyes

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Quinoline Yellow

Quinoline Yellow WS-G CONC has a 1.2% Mono-sulfonated and 98.8% Di-sulfonated composition. Quinoline Yellow (E104) has an allowed Mono-sulfonated composition of >NMT 15% and Di-sulfonated <NLT 80% and it complies with EC 1333/2008


Description-Similar to standard item.
Identification-Yellow is displayed.
Identification-From 414 from 418nm and 435 it possesses the maximum of absorption in 439nm.
Identification-The main Spot to display yellow, the Rs value for the standard item approx. 0.9 and 1.3.
Purity Clarity of Solution-Transparent
Purity Insoluble Matter%0.3% Max
Purity Solubility%1.0% Max
Purity Chloride and Sulphate%10.0% Max
Purity Arsenicppm2 Max
Purity Zincppm200 Max
Purity Ironppm500 Max
Purity Heavy Metalsppm20 Max
Loss on Drying%10.0% Max


Note: The properties of each grade are for Guidance only.  A specification can be agreed and sent upon request. 

CAS (95193-83-2), EINECS (305-897-5)