Micronised Wax

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LP1024P Super Refined Powder Grade

LP1024P is a ''Super Refined''  PE wax derived from an HDPE process in the form of white powder. Consequently it is an extremely clean, Low Viscosity (10-40 cps) pretty hard (Penetration Index <1) Wax that has found admirers in the Hot Melt Adhesive Industry.   

Key Benefits recognised in the Hot Melt Adhesive Application include:-

  • Very Low Volatiles due to the Double Refining Process
  • Low Viscosity which promotes wettability
  • Adjust Open and Set time
  • Enhanced heat resistance - Best in Class Thermal Resistant grade with higher dropping point and hardness than other PE Waxes
  • Partial replacement of FT wax (e.g. m-PO base HMA for Packaging applications) for overall cost reduction.

This grade is also used in the Paints/ Coatings/Inks Industry in its Micronised form (Please ask for details)


Viscosity @149ºC 10-40cpsASTM D3236
Dropping Point 116 to 120ºCASTM D3954
Penetration Hardness<=1d-mmASTM D1321
Density0.95g/cm3ASTM D1505
Whiteness Index>=45ASTM E313

Packaging & Storage

LP1024P is packaged in 20kgs bags and is supplied on shrink-wrapped pallets of 1400kgs each .

Product Safety

LP1024P is not classified as a hazardous material when exposure is controlled by using accepted industrial hygiene practices. Please contact us for further information and a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Note: The properties of each grade are for Guidance only.  A specification can be agreed and sent upon request. 

FDA : This product meets the FDA requirements contained in the Code of Federal Regulations according to 21CFR 178.3720 Petroleum Wax, Synthetic and 21CFR 175.105 Adhesives.

EU10/2011 : This product meets the requirement for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food as described in Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and its Amendments Commission Regulation (EU) No 1282/2011, 1183/2012, 202/2014, 174/2015, 1416/2016, 752/2017, 79/2018, 831/2018. Monomers used to manufacture this product  are listed in ‘Union List of Authorised Substances’ Annex I. No monomers, subject to restriction (Specific Migration Limit) are used in the manufacture of this product. There is no additive in this product.

REACH:  Polymers are exempt from REACH registration but Monomers that the Polymer is created from do have to be registered.  The Monomers for this product, Ethylene and  But-1-ene, are registered under REACH.  Please contact us for further information.